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Writing a story? Make it a mystery!

Fun fact!

This about page was written using Blogboi3000! Your blog could be anything! Just make sure its something! You wouldn't believe how hard it is to read something that doesn't exist!

Its a Blogging Tool

We all know the dreams of every child is to be the owner of the most prolific blog ever. Every single human being fantasized about being Dougie Houser, MD, tapping away at the end of the day on his computer, updating his daily log.

Day 2855: Its All Coming Together

Journal Log Entry 10012: I'm really get the hang of this blogging thing. I don't know if I would have ever tried writing a blog if it wasn't THIS easy. Nobody cares what I have to say, but its just so easy that I write it for me. And maybe someone out there will read it and enjoy it! :)

Enough, Enough! What's it cost?

$2/month for Blogboi3000. $5/month for Blogboi3001.

Blogboi3000 vs Blogboi3001

There's Blogboi3000, the blogging utility of tomorrow. Its a simple thing, you have a blog, you make new posts or remove posts with an easy-to-use Sabi interface.

Then there's Blogboi3001, the blogging utility of tomorrow's impression of the future. Its a still a simple thing, just a bit more power. You have a multiple blogs; create and delete blogs, create posts and delete posts with an easy-to-use Sabi interface.