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Acceptable Use Policy

Last updated: September 27, 2022

This Acceptable Use Policy ("AUP") describes content that is not allowed on any Sabi services, including but not limited to Sabi Capsule ("Capsule"). This is not an exhaustive list, and Sabi reserves the right to take reactive action to content incompatible with our AUP.

The account holder is responsible for any violations that occur on their account. This is not limited to consensual use of the account. Sabi will review cases of additional individuals using an account on a case-by-case basis.

Prohibited Behaviors on Capsule and other Sabi services

Illegal Content

Using any Capsule Room or any other Sabi service to conduct activities that are illegal activities or conduct, including propagating content that is deemed to be illegal or otherwise unlawful by a legal court, is strictly prohibited.

Harmful Activities

Using any Capsule Room or any other Sabi service to conduct activities that are deemed to be harmful to others or encourage harm to others is prohibited and judged. This includes but is not limited to deception, catphishing, phishing, spearphishing, malware distribution, selling fraudulent goods, get-rich-quick schemes, pharming, hacking, or any other adjacent behavior.

Violation of Intellectual Property Rights

Using any Capsule Room or any other Sabi service to engage in activities or conduct that is in violation of a legally protected intellectual property is prohibited. Please see our DMCA Copyright Policy and our Trademark Notification Policy for more information.

Security Violations

Using any Capsule Room or any other Sabi service to host, develop, command, or propagate any kind of malicious software ("malware"), as well as, network abuse including but not limited to any action which willfully interrupts people or services not operated by the customer, withholding one's identity, penetration testing of any kind, vulnerability testing of any kind, mining cryptocurrency, operating open proxies, operating open mail relays, operating recursive domain name services, tor exit nodes, or similar network devices is all stricty prohibited.

Monitoring and Enforcement

We reserve the right to choose at our discretion, and maintain no obligation, to investigate any suspected violation of this AUP or misuse of any Capsule Room or Sabi service about which we have knowledge. In addition to our internal investigation, we may report any behavior, content, or activity that is found to be unlawful to the appropriate legal entity. Such reporting may include disclosing, reviewing, and preserving appropriate customer information consistent with the applicable law.

Consequences of Violation of this AUP

In our investigation of a potential AUP violation, if we deem a user to have violated the terms of our agreement, Sabi may remove, disable access to, or modify any content or resource and/or to suspend or terminate your use of the Sabi service. We reserve the right to intercept traffic going to any of our Capsule Rooms or Sabi services belonging to a user under investigation of breaking a law of the United States. Our right to suspend, terminate, or delete your Sabi Capsule account or any other Capsule account or to remove content we deem in violation applies even if the violation was unintentional or unknowing or without your permission. Sabi does not regularly exercise extreme measures. We are good loving, reasonable people that will notify wholesome users. Users blatantly harming others be warned...

Reporting Violations of this AUP

If you become aware of any suspected violation of this AUP, please use our Contact Form and provide us with a full explanation.